VVisions Volume #3 - THRIVE|SURVIVE

VVisions Volume #3 - THRIVE|SURVIVE


The concept of thriving - simple in theory but perhaps uncommon in practice got us thinking... 

Are we as a group of people thriving in our environment or are we simply surviving? 

Our collaborative zine highlights emerging photographers and their responce to the idea of thriving/surviving. 

Featuring images from:
  • Kaya Fehmi 
  • Andy Bever
  • Brendon Backshall
  • Paola Ristoldo
  • Dafne Pagura
  • Sarah Fellner
  • Joe Goicoechea
  • Chloe Davies
  • Rosie Brownlie
  • Patrycja Chodowska
32 Pages
Digitally Printed
A5: 148mm x 210mm
Inset: Uncoated White 100gsm
Cover: Uncoated White 170 gsm
Saddle Stitched
Edition of 50