Within The Roots Of The Tamarind Tree - Sean Hook

Within The Roots Of The Tamarind Tree - Sean Hook


In 1943 thousands of civilians and prisoners suffered unimaginable brutality and appalling conditions at the hands of the Japanese army.

The realisation that the brutality of this period had affected my Great Grandfather left me with an unwavering need to know more. Lance Sargent Henry Hanley of the 6th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment for the Royal Artillery was captured and held as a prisoner of war while stationed in Singapore for forty-eight months. I felt it was essential to try to comprehend the reality of losing such a scale of time and the comfort I cherish the most, my freedom.

Within The Roots Of The Tamarind Tree is a document of this discovery.

1 6x4'' C Type Print
Hand Stitched and Printed Display Bag
Info sheet - 150gsm Tracing Paper

36 Pages
Digitally Printed
A5: 148mm x 210mm
Uncoated White 120gsm
Uncoated White 170gsm (cover)
Perfect Bound
Edition of 48